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Thank you all for your informative responses re the Quetzalcoatl and
Nahualli question.  This is a fascinating language and this list great.  I
am still unclear as to whether an alternate Meaning for Quetzalcoatl is:

1) Plumed Serpent
2) Quetzal Serpent
3) Precious Twin

What about:
1) Precious Serpent
2) Quetzal / Plumed Twin ??
3) or others.

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> mecatl is the word for 'rope' in nahuatl -> Sp. mecate.
> On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, DARKHORSE wrote:
> > In Texas where I am from, the Nahuatl langauge was spoken and I heard
"Mecate," as oppose to "Mecuahte," meaning "A Rope," of course a "rope,'
does in a way resemble a "Snake."
> >
> > I am from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and I know that some type of
Nahuat-l was spoken there, and finally it is no longer a language
there...Some of the youth that I remember, *I am 60 years young* Spoke what
was "Calo," even that is gone... Time flies as you grow old...
> >
> > Hasta la proxima.......
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