Nahual vs Nahualli

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Here's something Chimalpahin said about nahuale(s).  (Memorial de Colhuacan, 43v-44v)

ynic tecuannnahualleque quiyauhnahualleque catca oquincuillique, aocmo huel tecuanime mocuepque, ca ye occenca yehuantin yn tecuanahualleque yn quiyauhnahualleque yn chichimeca...

Rafael Tena translates it to mean that the Olmecs lost the capacity to turn into animals and other forces of nature; and that the Chichimecs took that power.  It seems in this case that nahualleque could be sorcercers, in the sense that they have the power to turn into beasts.

Roland Trevino <cloud_jaguar at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
Can these words be used interchangeably? I have seen them used so and i
wondered if this was correct. From the dictionaries that i have it seems
that Nahual refers to the animal companion or twin and Nahualli means
"sorcerer or warlock." I know that Nahual derives from the word Nahualli
but are their meanings really interchangeable or is this incorrect usage.
Also, is the word Nagual completely incorrect or merely a barstardization of


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