Nahual vs Nahualli

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The book were the reference to nahualleque is- Tena, Rafael ed. _Las Ocho Relaciones y el Memorial de Colhuacan_,Cien de M�xico (CONACULTA), M�xico, 1998.

There's another reference on p.210(vol.1).

In Tezoz�moc (Le�n, Adri�n, ed. _Cr�nica Mexic�yotl_, UNAM, M�xico, 1998), there�s a reference to nahualli, with a good description of his family and lifestyle, and it clearly refers to a sorcerer or witch (brujo) -p.191-

...auh in yehuatl in Ozomtzin yeuhctli yuh mitohua nahaulli catca moch quin notzaya in tocame in Petlazolcohuatl incohuatl ...

Do you know about the Inquisition process against Martin Ocelotl, who was a nahual?
Gonazalez Obreg�n, Luis, ed. _Procesos de Indios Idolatras y Hechiceros_, Archivo General de la Naci�n, M�xico, 1912.

About the word, oquincuillique, in my text it's spelled that way, not oquincuililique.


That's a really useful citation and I wonder if you could give the full
bibliographic reference because its not coming up through the search
engine. I also don't find the corresponding passage in Schroeder and
Anderson's Codex Chimalpahin vol. 1-2 so I assume this is a different
Chimalpahin text? Meanwhile, is "oquincuillique" spelled correctly, or is
it "oquincuililique"? And fyi, both Sahagun (FC) and Olmos (Tratado de
Hechicerias y Sortilegios) use "nahualli." best, Mark Morris


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