Opinions Solicited

Lloyd Anderson ECOLING at AOL.COM
Wed Jul 28 21:55:21 UTC 2004

I'm *not* an active user of such materials,
but if you have a valid transcription of the original,
you might publish that, and have a few footnotes in the most
difficult cases, indicating what the regularized form would be.
Are your users going to be *learning* Nahuatl from this text,
or using it only if they already know Nahuatl fairly well?
In the latter case, they can make the corrections mentally themselves.
You could even have an intro section where you explain all of the
regular, semiregular, and sporadic and irregular differences between
our actual orthography and the corresponding "regularized".
That study would itself be valuable.  Might help to identify
distinct scribes, for example.  Or sections written by scribe
vs. copied from someone else. etc. etc.

Best wishes,
Lloyd Anderson
Ecological Linguistics

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