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>Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 19:59:42 -0600
>From: Karen Dakin <karendakin at prodigy.net.mx>
>Subject: Re: Taco
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>John -- I've tried sending this via the list, but it rejects it.  Thanks!
>I¹ve wondered if it might come from the possessed form of ihtakatl,
>ihtakaw, i[:]htak,  Œitacate, food to take on an outing, or to the men
>working in the fields,
>etc.¹  This would go along with David Frye's comment about it referring to
>any food brought home from a party.
>Also I remember that a colleague, Valentín Peralta has suggested that it
>might come from
>tlahko, since the form of tacos is not necessarily a roll -- it is folded
>over at times, as well.
>Just guesses, however.
>Karen Dakin

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