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Wed Mar 24 04:12:40 UTC 2004

Here's something I had never seen before: a double auxiliary verb. It's 
from Veracruz.
"quimontontinentoqueh tlalli", "they have gone around piling up dirt"
You start with the Spanish "[a]montonar", "to pile things up",  and add 
the specific object prefix "-qui", and then the auxiliary verb "nemi" 
with the ligature, "-ti". This gives you, "they go around piling up 
dirt ("tlalli"). Then you put that whole thing in its combining form by 
chopping off the last vowel of nemi: "quimontontinen-", and add the 
second auxiliary verb "oc" (a preterite as present tense verb) with 
another ligature "-t[i]", meaning to have done something. It is 
conjugated in the third person plural.

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