Molina available in US for purchase

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Yes, thank you for the info. I tried ordering on that page but it always messes up could you provide te other address, so I can try it there? That would be great! 

"<Mario E. Aguilar>" <micc2 at COX.NET> wrote:Thank you Walter for the info. I ordered 6 copies for myself and my students at SDSU from Porrua in August, and I was pleasantly surprised at the promptness of the delivery. It took about four days from the time my credit card was charged to receive my order via DHL. Their website is a bit persnickety, but it does work!

> From: Walter Koenig 
> Date: 2005/11/01 Tue PM 09:01:05 EST> To: NAHUAT-L at LISTS.UMN.EDU> Subject: Re: Molina available in US for purchase
> The Dictionary by Alonso de Molina reprinted by Editorial Porrua 2004 
> is now available for purchase in the US through the Borderlands 
> Bookstore in San Antonio TX.
> This edition is identical to the 1970 reprint except that it is 
> printed on slightly heavier stock, with a stronger binding and a 
> colorful dust jacket.
> The cost is $40.00 plus $3.00 shipping within the US.
> This is more expensive than ordering directly form the Editorial 
> Porrua web-site, which comes out to about $35.00 or so including 
> shipping, but may be an alternative to some persons not wanting to 
> deal with the Editorial Porrua website, giving out credit card 
> information or International shipping.
> Best Wishes,
> Walter O. Koenig> 

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