Tecuahqueh P.S.

R. Joe Campbell campbel at indiana.edu
Fri Sep 1 15:34:13 UTC 2006

... uh, I forgot the main purpose of my recent message --
to send this list of noun-glossed examples from the 3 Molinas
and the Florentine:

    acalehqueh		boatowners

    tealtihqueh		bathers

    amatecqueh		papercutters

    calpixqueh		house stewards

    teopixqueh		priests

    tlacacqueh		hearers

    caczoqueh		sandal makers

    candelanamaqueh	candle sellers

    cocoxqueh		sick people

    cuauhxinqueh		woodcutters

    teitzminqueh		lancers

    iztachiuhqueh	salt makers

    mimicqueh		dead people

    tepehpenqueh		electors

    petlachiuhqueh	mat makers

    pixcaqueh		harvesters

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