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	I happy to announce that the webpage for Macehualli Educational  
Research, our US non-profit corporation, is up and running: http:// Under the "teaching" section, there is a  
description of the courses we offer through the Universidad Autónoma  
de Zacatecas and the Instituto de Docencia e Investigación Etnológica  
de Zacatecas (IDIEZ), including next Summer's "Intensive course in  
Older and Modern Nahuatl for non-native speakers".
	Under the "research" section, you can view portions of our following  
1. monolingual dictionary of Modern Huastecan Nahuatl,
2. monolingual grammar of Modern Huastecan Nahuatl,
3. digitalization of Molina's dictionaries,
4. and soon, a translation into Modern Huastecan Nahuatl of book 12  
of the Florentine Codex.
	In concluding, I would like to ask for support in the form of tax- 
deductible donations to Macehualli Educational Research. I set up  
this non-profit for the purpose of financing the work we are doing in  
Zacatecas. What exactly do we do? We give scholarships to indigenous  
college students (Nahua and Wixarika, so far) at the Universidad  
Autónoma de Zacatecas, and they spend between an hour and two hours a  
day studying their own culture (both older and modern) in their own  
language, and preparing monolingual educational materials such as the  
ones you can now see on our website.  A Mexican university (as are  
most universities around the world) is a machine of cultural  
reduction: you may only think and write critically and creatively in  
one language. We are trying to turn the Universidad Autónoma de  
Zacatecas into a place where indigenous students can become  
professionals in the dominant culture, and at the same, grow in their  
own culture and language, and promote the extension of its use in  
urban society.

John Sullivan, Ph.D.
Profesor de lengua y cultura nahua
Unidad Académica de Idiomas
Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Instituto de Docencia e Investigación Etnológica de Zacatecas, A.C.
Tacuba 152, int. 47
Centro Histórico
Zacatecas, Zac. 98000
Oficina: +52 (492) 925-3415
Fax: +52 (492) 925-3416
Domicilio: +52 (492) 768-6048
Celular: +52 (492) 118-0854
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