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On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Matthew Montchalin wrote:

> Now that the price for digital cameras has been dropping so much in
> the last few years - fifty thousand dollar cameras only a few years
> ago going for five thousand dollars nowadays - do you know of a
> source for independent movie productions with Nawatl in the
> subtitles, or in the soundtrack?

"The Other Conquest" included a great deal of spoken Nahuatl, subtitled in
Spanish or English depending on where it was being shown.  I've waited
many years for it to appear on video or DVD, but so far no luck.

If anyone has a source from which a copy might be obtained, I would be
most grateful.  I have many friends to whom I have raved about this movie,
and I think some of them are becoming skeptical about whether it actually
exists. :)

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