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  Here ara the 9 titles:;Nahuatl&&nav=/Sections/Languages/Nahuatl/include-titles
  I see the film ( there is a copy in Mexico embassy in  Madrid).:
  Retorno a Aztlan (1991) [Alt: Necuepaliztli in Aztlan, In,  Return  to Aztlan]  
  Mexico, Drama/historical Color, In Nahuatl,  90 min   
  Directors: Juan Mora Catlett  
  Ancient Mexico before the Spanish conquest.
  All the film is in nahuatl with  subtitles in spanish, Interesting. 
Matthew Montchalin <mmontcha at> escribió:  Now that the price for digital cameras has been dropping so much in
the last few years - fifty thousand dollar cameras only a few years
ago going for five thousand dollars nowadays - do you know of a
source for independent movie productions with Nawatl in the
subtitles, or in the soundtrack?

Also, do you know of a source for comicbooks in Nawatl?

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