Ahuitzotl's tomb

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In case it's of interest, following a fascinating lecture by Dr. Leonardo
López Lujan at the British Museum last month, we have uploaded an
illustrated feature on the new discovery here -


We're currently preparing a similar article on the earlier discovery (in
2005) of the Aztec stone monolith in the shape of a giant barrel cactus
found by Leonardo and colleagues under a manhole cover in front of the
Librería Porrúa.

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> I don't know if everyone has seen this article on the discovery of what
> they believe to be Ahuitzotl's tomb:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070803/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/mexico_aztec_tomb;_ylt=A
> kY5v2CpFsLTphlrIBJ1Zjys0NUE

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