Validity of chronicles?

Lloyd Anderson ECOLING at
Sat Aug 25 23:25:35 UTC 2007

What is the status of scholarship on the validity of the chronicles?
Can some *part* of Nigel Davies's approach be supported which
takes the different year names from different sources (or sometimes
mixed in a single source, Davies thought partly distinguished by
time period) to reflect different calendars, for example Tenochca
vs. Texcocan ?

Has anyone attempted to revisit Edmonson's _Book of the Year_
and reconstruct as much as possible of the material without great
leaps which most of the profession does not go along with?

Have there been other discoveries which help to confirm or
disconfirm claims in native sources, archaeological or in
Nahua manuscripts, for example.

Some of the above published?   Citations?
Scholars most actively working on these topics just now,
or recently?

Thanks for any help,
Lloyd Anderson
Ecological Linguistics
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