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Fri Sep 21 18:09:41 UTC 2007

Ah, shucks. I'm almost always wrong, but I toss out the first card.

The front part Yeca looks like (y)eca- 'wind'.

(Of course, it could be a mangled yaca- 'nose'.)

The -tla seems to be the suffix that means 'where there is an abundance of'.

I don't know what the -pix- is, unless it's an original -pitz- and the 
-tz- has assimilated to the following -tl-. That's plausible.

And pitz- suggests terms such as pitzahuac 'slender, thin', although  
there could be a term such as *pitzli that would give us pitz in a 
compound term, but I don't know *pitzli if it exists, and have no 
dictionary with me at the moment.


Quoting "John F. Schwaller" <schwallr at>:

> Yesterday I was talking to a student about various towns and
> Yecapixtla came up.  She inquired what the name meant and I was
> stumped.  I have some guesses, but couldn't say for sure.  I looked
> in my usual reference books and they were silent as well.
> Anyone care to give it a try?
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