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It's nice to get down to the bottom of things.

Thanks for this note, Maunus.

Being named after an ornament popular to one's group is seen elsewhere 
in native America, such as in the name of the proto-historic middle 
Ohio Valley tribe mentioned by La Salle: Honniasontkeronon. This 
Iroquoian term is, parsed,
| o-hnya?s-ut-ke-hrono~? | third person neuter singular 
patientive-"neck"-"possess"-external locative-populative suffix, 
meaning 'people of the (place) of the) gorget". (? = glottal stop; ~ = 
nasal vowel a` l'espagnol.)


Quoting magnus hansen <magnuspharao at>:

> The Relaciones Geograficas of northern Morelos explains that earlier the
> full name of the city (called acapiztla in the relacion) was
> Xihuiyacapichtlan which supposedly alluded to a certain kind of chalchihui
> nose ornament worn by the rulers there.
> Maunus

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