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Neixcahuilli: private things See R.Andrews Intro.446

In the possesive form:

*   Teneixcahuil: the private things of someone.

*   Intonal, imaxca, inneixcahuil intlahtoqueh: it is the privilege, the
property, the personel things of the Lords. Cod.Flor.XI,213v.

*   In huil inexcahuil: his private things.Sah.12.49.

*   Zan huel inexcahuil huel itonal: they were his alone, his

*   Toneixcahuil: our private things.SIS.1952,329.

*   In tiyahcahuan tlacochcalcatl tlacateccatl in inneixcahuil yaotequi: the
brave wariors, the generals and the commanding generals whose personel
charge was command in war.Sah.8.73.

*   In huehuetqueh ihuan in ilamatqueh zan inneixcahuil catca in
tlahuanayah: it was the privelege of the old men and women of drinking

*   Motecuihtotiah in teteuctin zan inneixcahuil catca in tlahtohqueh in
motecuihto tiayah: the Lords danse the dans of the Lords, it was their
exclusive privilege.

*   In tlein inneixcahuil impan mochihuaya: what in particular was done to


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