"r" and "v"?

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Apologies if this has already been answered...

Manuscript books (codices), at least from the colonial era, almost
always number sheets of paper, not pages. So the first page will be 1,
the second page will have no number, the third page will be 2, etc. This
system worked well enough for the people who wrote and read the
manuscripts, but when modern scholars cite texts from the old books we
want to know which side of the paper we are looking at, so we add "r"
for "recto" and "v" for "verso". The front of sheet 1 (page 1) is 1r,
and the unnumbered back of sheet one (page 2) is 1v, then 2r and 2v,

But you don't really need to know this for the footnotes -- just cite
them as they stand: 1v, 16r, etc.


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A friend of mine who is a folklorist and professor is publishing a book
about a curandera.  She quotes several Nahuatl poems in the book.  Her
copy editor wants her to identify all the sources of the poetry in
detail.  She doesn't know what the "r" and "v" that follow the folio
number of the codices indicate.  Can someone help?

Thank you, 
Cindy WG

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