Danza Azteca online survey: Pass it on to any danzantes you may know.... THANKS!!!!

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Thu May 15 18:59:45 UTC 2008

Piali nohuampohuan,

My name is Mario E. Aguilar and I am the Capitán of Danza Mexi'cayotl.

I have been a danzante/musico indigena since 1973. I am working on my 
dissertation and I need your help.

My dissertation is titled: La Danza Azteca: its roots, its arrival in 
Aztlan, and its impact on Chicano/a Identity and sacred space.

I am trying to understand the many different reasons Chicanos/as become 
danzantes, and how it feels to be a danzante. Your answers will be 
confidential and I will not disclose to anyone any follow up 
correspondence/communication you may want with me

Once you finish the survey, you will be eligible to participate in the 
optional raffle for two $50 gift certificates at the Cesár E. Chávez 
Foundation website: http://www.chavezfoundation.org/zencart/

Click here to start the survey:

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