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repeat comment 2



   My interest in 'tzo:lli' is partly because of an issue that you raised --
that it fails to appear as an independent word.  The material below is what I
have collected on 'tzo:lli' and it clearly has lots of holes in it.  One very
large hole is any claim that it might have of semantic unity.
   That aside, I think that there is a widespread notion that a candidate for
what might seem to be a noun(-like) morpheme is disqualified if we can't find
it occurring as an independent word.

   A friend of mine and I have discussed a particular example of this at
length.  If you examine Molina's three dictionaries, looking for the word
'chantli', you might come away disappointed, since it isn't there.  (By the
way, when I "name" a noun morpheme and include its absolutive suffix, I really
do understand that the morpheme in "tla:catl" is really "tla:ca", but I think
that most people are more comfortable with the familiar label that includes
the suffix.)  My friend noted the absence of "chantli" in Molina and, further,
that it never occurs in discourse in the Florentine Codex -- its single
occurrence is as a paragraph title in Book 11 (p. 275).

   Of course, we were faced with abundant evidence that there *had* to be a
noun behind the following:

  ichan.  his home; his house.
  inchan.  their land.
  tochan.  our home, our house.
  techan.  casa; morada; o casa agena; naturaleza; tierra de donde es alguno.
  chanchihua.  he makes his home; it makes its home.
  chaneh.  due¤o de casa.
  atlan chaneh.  pescado generalmente.
  huehca chaneh.  aduenedizo; estra¤o o estrangero; natural de otra tierra.
  mochantia.  it dwells, it provides itself with a home; it lives;
    it makes its home; it nests; it makes a home for itself; they nest.
  ninochantia.  morada hazer.
  ichantlaca.  his household members; his household.
  mochantlalia.  he establishes a home; it makes itself a home.
  chantlatquitl.  alhajas; alhajas de casa.
  amochantzinco.  your [H., pl.] home.

   Of course, we know that some morphemes simply don't occur independently
because of their basic nature:

        -tin    noun plural suffix
        -meh    noun plural suffix
        ni-     1st singular subject prefix
        -h      subject plural suffix (ancho:cah)

        -ihui and -ahui   verbers which derive verbs from nouns
                          (a:calihui from a:calli)
        -oa               verber which derives verbs from nouns
                          (nitamaloa < tamalli)

   However, since derivation from nouns normally involves a noun which *does*
occur independently, we become spoiled.  If we fail to find the independent
noun, like a rock in our path, we somehow feel guilty to propose the obvious
nounstem... perhaps because we have seen others engage in this "hocus pocus"
linguistics.  There was a time, decades ago, when linguistics aspired to be a
science, but now, even though that might seem to be an unrealistic goal, there
are certainly areas of language description where the "what if" approach is
valid, in a way vaguely parallel to the mental activity of the first people
who conceived the structure of the benzene ring.
   I'm not suggesting that we all engage in wild-eyed "what if" activity and
call it research.  The "what if" may be the spark that points us in some
direction of analysis, but the final product of a given area of morphology has
to stand up to our tests of consistency and credibility.

   "tzo:lli" is only of a group of noun-like stems which undergo verbing in
the same way as "chi:lli" (chi:lihui) or verbing plus further derivative
processes like "tli:lli" (tli:ltic).  Some others are nolli, tzelli, xelli,
za:lli, and xacualli.

   Anyway, here are my notes on "tzo:lli".  The only thing that isn't given in
the list is my doubt about the overall unity.



p.s. The "b. ... f. ..." notations refer to books of the Florentine and to my
file numbers.

*tzo:lli ***

  amatzotzolli.  scrap of paper. <a:matl-dupl-tzo:lli>. b.2 f.9
  centlamatzolli.  pu¤o o pu¤ado lo que alli cabe como de cosas de mayz
    o otras semillas; vn pu¤o o pu¤ado de garuanzos o de cosa semejante.
    <cem--ma:itl-tzo:lli>. 55m-16
  centlamatzololi.  handful. <cem-p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06-l1
    +l.for.ll>. b.11 f.13
  centlamatzololli.  pu¤o o pu¤ado lo que alli cabe,como de cosas de
    mayz o otras semillas; vn pu¤o o pu¤ado de garuanzos o de cosa
    semejante. <cem-p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06-l1>. 71m1-18
  chiantzotzol.  wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli-trunc>. b.2 f.2
  chiantzotzolatolli.  atole made with wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-
    tzo:lli-a:to:lli>. b.4 f.11
  chiantzotzollo.  having wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1>.
    b.8 f.2
  chichihualayotl     <poss-i:xtli-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5 in chi:chi:3-hua1-l1-a:tl1-
    yo:tl1 +poss.phr>. 71m1-16
  chientzotzol.  wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli-trunc +a>e>. b.9
  chientzotzoleh.  owner of wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli-eh1
    +a>e>. b.10 f.4
  chientzotzolli.  wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli>. b.10 f.9
  chientzotzolnamacac.  one who sells wrinkled chia. <chiam-dupl-tzo:lli-
    namaca-qui2 +a>e>. b.10 f.4
  cocohtzoltic.  el que tiene estrecho gaznate, y a esta causa come poco
    a poco. <co:cohtli-tzo:lli-tic>. 71m1-9
  cotztzotzol , to-.  flabbiness of the calf of our leg. <poss-co:tztli-
    dupl-tzo:lli +tztz>tztz>. b.10 f.7
  coyameeltzotzolli.  papada de puerco. <coyametl-e:lli-dupl-tzo:lli
    +root>. 55m-15
  cuacuammatzoltic.  having antlers like tree branches. <cua:itl-
    cuahuitl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-tic +wm>mm>. b.11 f.2
  cuanmatzoltic.  having tapering branches. <cuahuitl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-tic
    .ahd>. b.11 f.11
  cuitlatzol.  floxo por negligencia; perezosa cosa; perezoso muy
    descuidado y negligentisimo. <cuitlatl-tzo:lli-trunc +epithet
    +root>. 55m-10
  cuitlatzol , ti-.  you are lazy. <p12-cuitlatl-tzo:lli-trunc>. b.6
  cuitlatzol     15
  cuitlatzol.  lazy; lazy person; listless. <cuitlatl-tzo:lli-trunc
    +epithet>. b.10 f.2
  cuitlatzolli.  perezoso muy descuidado y negligentisimo. <cuitlatl-
    tzo:lli>. 71m1-17
  cuitlatzollotl.  afloxamiento assi  (assi is afloxar emperezando);
    pereza. <cuitlatl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1 +ly>ll>. 55m-00
  cuitlatzoltitinemi     ti1-nemi aux01>. 55m-00
  cuitlatzolyotl.  floxedad assi o negligencia  (assi is floxo por
    negligencia). <cuitlatl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1 +root>. 55m-10
  eltzotzol , t[o]-.  flabbiness of our chest; flabbiness of our breast.
    <poss-e:lli-dupl-tzo:lli>. b.10 f.6
  eltzotzol Êmetl i.  papada de puerco. <coyametl poss-e:lli-dupl-
    tzo:lli>. 71m2-4
  eltzotzolli.  vbre de puerca parida o de vaca. <e:lli-dupl-tzo:lli
    +root>. 55m-19
  eltzotzolli.  flabbiness of the chest. <e:lli-dupl-tzo:lli>. b.10 f.7
  huexoloeltzotzolli.  papada de gallo. <hue:i-xo:lo:tl-e:lli-dupl-
    tzo:lli +root>. 55m-15
  ihtetzotzolli.  bajo del vientre. <ihtitl-dupl-tzo:lli>. 55m-1
  ihtitzotzol , t[o]-.  flabbiness of our abdomen. <poss-ihtitl-dupl-
    tzo:lli>. b.10 f.7
  ihtitzotzolli.  flabbiness of the stomach. <ihtitl-dupl-tzo:lli>. b.10
  iixtzotzoliuhca.  nata de leche, o de cosa semejante. <poss-i:xtli-
    dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5  +root>. 71m2-6
  iixtzotzoliuhca in chichihualayotl.  nata que nada sobre la leche.
    <poss-i:xtli-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5 in chi:chi:3-hua1-l1-a:tl1-
    yo:tl1 +root +poss.phr +xtz>xtz>. 55m-14
  ilhuicaatl     tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ya:n in ilhuicatl-a:tl1 +root +poss.phr>. 55m-9
  itotzoliuhcacuini     prt1-ca:6-cui-ni1>. 71m1-8
  ittitzotzoltic.  having a wrinkled stomach. <ihtitl-dupl-tzo:lli-tic>.
    b.2 f.2
  itzoltilia     <p11-p52-p51-i:xtli-tzo:lli-v01a-caus04 +mis_analysis. +kin>. 71m1-
  itzoltilia     tlaihtoltilia>. <p11-p52-p51-i:xtli-tzo:lli-v01a-caus04
    +mis_analysis. +kin>. 71m2-21
  itzoltilia     v01a-caus04 +xtz>tz>. 71m1-17
  itzotzoliuhcacui     prt1-ca:6-cui>. 71m1-8
  itzotzoliuhcacuitl     v03a-prt1-ca:6-cui-l2>. 71m1-8
  itzotzoliuhcaololoani     prt1-ca:6-olo:lli-v03a-caus06-ni1>. 71m1-8
  itzotzoliuhcaolololli     v03a-prt1-ca:6-olo:lli-v03a-caus06-l1>. 71m1-8
  itztzotzoliuhcayotl.  flor la lapa del vino. <i:xtli-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-
    prt1-ca:5-yo:tl1 +root +xtz>tztz>. 55m-9
  ixtzotzolihuiliztli.  moho de vino. <i:xtli-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-liz
    +root +xtz>xtz>. 55m-14
  ixtzotzoliuhca in atolli.  tez de alguna cosa liquida y quajada como
    la lapa o nata de leche quaxada o de poleadas, quando estan frias o
    de almidon o de cosa semejante que tiene tez enla sobre haz. <i:xtli-
    dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5 in a:to:lli +xtz>xtz>. 71m1-20
  ixtzotzoliuhca in vino     tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5 in vino +spanish  +poss.phr>. 55m-12
  ixtzotzoliuhcacui     prt1-ca:5-cui>. 55m-5
  ixtzotzoliuhcacuitl     prt1-ca:5-cui-l2>. 55m-5
  ixtzotzoliuhcaolololli     prt1-ca:6-olo:lli-v03a-caus06-l1>. 55m-5
  ixtzotzoliuhcayotl.  moho de vino; flor la lapa del vino. <i:xtli-dupl-
    tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5-yo:tl1 +root +xtz>xtz>. 55m-14
  ixtzotzoliuhqui.  mohoso vino. <i:xtli-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-c2 +root
    +xtz>xtz>. 55m-14
  mamatzolihui.  branches continually taper; the branches continually
    taper. <dupl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a  .ahd>. b.11 f.11
  mamatzoliuhqui.  having tapering branches. <dupl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-
    prt1-c2 .ahd>. b.11 f.11
  mamatzoltic.  having tapering branches. <dupl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-tic>.
    b.11 f.11
  matzolihui.  manco delas manos. <ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a>. 71m1-14
  matzolihui     ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a>. 71m1-14
  matzolihui     tzo:lli-v03a  +root>. 71m2-9
  matzolihui.  branches taper; it shrivels; the branches taper. <ma:itl-
    tzo:lli-v03a  .ahd>. b.11 f.11
  matzoloa     conla mano. <p11-p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06>. 71m1-3
  matzoloa     ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06  +root>. 71m2-9
  matzoloani     <p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06-ni1>. 71m1-3
  matzolohqui     <p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06-prt1-qui1>. 71m1-3
  matzoltia , conte-.  . <p33-o:n-p52-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v04-caus08>. b.4
  matzoltilia , tla-.  . <p51-ma:itl-tzo:lli-v01a-caus04>. b.10 f.2
  matzoltilia     71m1-19
  matzoltilia     tzo:lli-v01a-caus04  +root>. 71m2-9
  metzolli.   <lo mismo es que metalotl>. <metl-tzo:lli>. 71m2-10
  metzolli.  pith of the maguey. <metl-tzo:lli>. b.7 f.2
  motzoltin.  perezosos. <--tzo:lli-plur02>. 71m1-17
  quechquechtzotzol , to-.  flabbiness of our neck. <poss-quechtli--dupl-
    tzo:lli +chtz>chtz>. b.10 f.6
  quechtzotzol , to-.  flabbiness of our neck. <poss-quechtli-dupl-
    tzo:lli +chtz>chtz>. b.10 f.7
  tentzol , to-.  flabbiness of our lip. <poss-te:ntli-tzo:lli>. b.10
  tentzoltic.  cosa frunzida, o estrecha de boca; repulgado frunzido.
    <te:ntli-tzo:lli-tic>. 71m2-17
  tentzoltic.  narrow-mouthed. <te:ntli-tzo:lli-tic>. b.11 f.26
  tentzotzol , to-.  flabbiness of our lips. <poss-te:ntli-dupl-
    tzo:lli>. b.10 f.6
  tlatzoliuhyan.  estrecha tierra. <tla6-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ya:n>. 71m1-
  totoleltzotzolli.  papada de gallo. <to:tolin-e:lli-dupl-tzo:lli
    +root>. 55m-15
  tzimmamatzoltic.  having tapering roots. <tzi:ntli-dupl-ma:itl-tzo:lli-
    tic .ahd>. b.11 f.11
  tzohtzoliuhca , to-.  our flabbiness. <dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca?>.
    b.10 f.6
  tzohtzoliuhcayotl.  flabbiness. <dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5-yo:tl1>.
    b.10 f.6
  tzohtzollotl.  flabbiness. <dupl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1 +ly>ll>. b.10 f.6
  tzohtzoltic.  having folds. <dupl-tzo:lli-tic>. b.10 f.7
  tzolihui.  ensangostarse. <tzo:lli-v03a>. 55m-8
  tzolihui , tla-.  it becomes narrow; it becomes thin; it contracts; it
    narrows. <tla6-tzo:lli-v03a>. b.10 f.7
  tzolihui   tzolihui.  it becomes narrow; it contracts; it constricts. <tzo:lli-
    v03a>. b.10 f.7
  tzolihuiliztli.  ensangostadura; estrechura assi  (assi is estrecha
    cosa como entrada de puerta o como vestidura o vasija); estrechura
    assi  (assi is estrecha cosa como entrada de puerta o comovestidura
    o vasija); estrechura. <tzo:lli-v03a-liz>. 55m-8
  tzoliuhca , tla-.  . <tla6-tzo:lli-v03a-ca?>. b.10 f.7
  tzoliuhca , to-.  our flabbiness. <poss-tzo:lli-v03a-ca:5>. b.10 f.8
  tzoliuhc  , to-.  our flabbiness. <poss-tzo:lli-v03a-ca:5>. b.10 f.8
  tzoliuhqueh , ti-.  we are flabby. <p21-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-->. b.10
  tzoliuhya , tla-.  constricted place; narrow place. <tla6-tzo:lli-v03a-
    prt1-ya:n +del.n>. b.10 f.7
  tzoliuhyan     +root>. 55m-9
  tzoliuhyan in ilhuicaatl     tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ya:n in ilhuicatl-a:tl1 +root +poss.phr>. 71m1-11
  tzoliuhyan in tlalli     ya:n in tla:lli +root +poss.phr>. 55m-9
  tzoloa , nic-.  I narrow it. <p11-p33-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06>. b.11 f.25
  tzoloa     edificio; ensangostar algo; estrechar algo. <p11-p51-tzo:lli-v03a-
    caus06>. 55m-00
  tzoloa     tzo:lli-v03a-caus06 +root>. 71m2-26
  tzololli     terminos); acortado edificio; cosa ensangostada; o estrechada;
    ensangostado. <p51-tzo:lli-v03a-caus06-l1>. 55m-00
  tzolpil.  small and narrow. <tzo:lli-pilli-trunc>. b.11 f.26
  tzoltic.  angosta cosa, casa, acequia, calzas, camisa, cesto o cosa
    assi; assi como casa; cal‡as; cesto  o cosa semejante; cosa
    estrecha; o angosta; estrecha cama o mesa; estrecha cosa como
    entrada de puerta o como vestidura o vasija; estrecha cosa como
    entrada de puerta o como^vestidura o vasija. <tzo:lli-tic>. 55m-00
  tzoltic   tzoltic.  narrow; restricted; tapering. <tzo:lli-tic>. b.11 f.25
  tzoltin   tzoltontli.  small and narrow. <tzo:lli-to:n-tl>. b.11 f.26
  tzotzolic  , to-.  our flabbinesses. <poss-dupl-tzo:lli-->. b.10 f.8
  tzotzolihui.  it becomes flabby; it becomes folded; it becomes
    shrunken. <dupl-tzo:lli-v03a>. b.10 f.8
  tzotzoliuhca , to-.  our flabbinesses. <poss-dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-ca:5>.
    b.10 f.8
  tzotzoliuhcayotl.  flabbiness. <dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ca:5-yo:tl1>.
    b.10 f.6
  tzotzoliuhtimani.  it keeps contracting. <dupl-tzo:lli-v03a-prt1-ti1-
    mani aux04>. b.2 f.2
  tzotzollo.  flabby. <dupl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1 +ly>ll>. b.10 f.6
  tzotzollotl.  flabbiness. <dupl-tzo:lli-yo:tl1 +ly>ll>. b.10 f.6
  tzotzoltia.  it becomes flabby. <dupl-tzo:lli-v01a-v01b>. b.10 f.7
  tzotzoltic.  flabby; having folds; narrow. <dupl-tzo:lli-tic>. b.10
  tzotzoltiqueh.  flabby, having folds of fat. <dupl-tzo:lli-v01a-
    plur14>. b.10 f.10
  yacahtzol , to-.  tip of our nose. <poss-yacatl-tzo:lli>. b.10 f.6
  yacahtzolli.  tip of the nose. <yacatl-tzo:lli>. b.10 f.6
  yacatzol , i-.  its snout. <poss-yacatl-tzo:lli>. b.11 f.1
  yacatzolchiac.  having a greasy nose. <yacatl-tzo:lli-chiya:hua-l2-
    trunc +w>k>. b.11 f.2
  yacatzolchiactic.  having a fatty nose. <yacatl-tzo:lli-chiya:hua-l2-
    tic +w>k>. b.11 f.1
  yacatzolchiahuac.  having an oily nose; having a greasy nose. <yacatl-
    tzo:lli-chiya:hua-c1>. b.11 f.1
  yacatzollatlauhqui.  having a red nose. <yacatl-tzo:lli-dupl-tla:huitl-
    v13-prt1-c2>. b.11 f.8

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