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Campbell, R Joe campbel at indiana.edu
Thu May 22 02:32:19 UTC 2008

Quoting wswilcox <wswilcox at blueyonder.co.uk>:

> Molina has xiuhuitzolli, crown with precious stones.
> This has to be xiuh-uitzolli, since he always uses simple u/v for w-
> (and -uh for -w)
> A verb huitzoa is attested in yacauitzoa - to sharpen a point.
> This would give huitzo:lli  for something pointed, presumably also
> something with points, i.e. a crown

Good point!

   Here are a few examples from Molina (including your item and the 
original one).
'amahuitzolli' and 'xacalhuitzolli' are two other kinds of 'huitzolli'
besides the 'xihuitl' kind.

  amahuitzolli.  coroza. <a:matl-huitztli-v03b-caus06-l1>. 71m1-5

  xacalhuitzolli.  pointed hut. <xah-calli-huitztli-v03b-caus06-l1>.
    b.11 f.26

  xiuhhuitzolli.  corona real con piedras preciosas; mitra de obispo.
    <xihuitl1-huitztli-v03b-caus06-l1>. 71m1-5

  xiuhhuitzolli.  turquoise diadem. <xihuitl1-huitztli-v03b-caus06-l1>.
    b.6 f.2

  yacahuitzoa =nitla.  aguzar punta o ser el primero o delantero de los
    que caminan,  o de los que estan puestos en orden; ahusar algo;
    punta sacar. <p11-p51-yacatl-huitztli-v03b-caus06>. 71m1-1

  yacahuitzoa =nitla=onitlayacahuitzo.  sacar o aguzar punta. <p11-p51-
    yacatl-huitztli-v03b-caus06>. 71m2-5

  yacahuitzoani =tla.  ahusador. <p51-yacatl-huitztli-v03b-caus06-ni1>.

  yacahuitzoliztli =tla.  ahusadura. <p51-yacatl-huitztli-v03b-caus06-
    liz>. 71m1-1

  yacahuitzolli =tla.  aguzada punta; cosa hecha con punta; assi como
    recaton; passador; o cosa ahusada y aguzada de punta; puntada cosa
    con punta. <p51-yacatl-huitztli-v03b-caus06-l1>. 71m1-1

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