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Fri May 23 06:04:25 UTC 2008


   I'll call you old fashioned if you'll call me a nitpicker.  I have 
been worrying about your "iuhui" from the Florentine (b. 1, p. 25, last 
Anderson and Dibble transcribed the phrase "... yn juhuj..." and, as 
accurate as they were, I thought I smelled a typo.  So I checked the 
facsimile and A&D turned out to be as accurate as they usually are -- 
they had merely inserted a blank for readability: "...ynjuhuj...".

   Obviously, I could no longer smell a typo, but now I smell a scribo.
I strongly suspect that "juhuj" is an erroneous spelling for "juhquj".  
"iuh" and "iuhqui" are preterit forms of "ihui" (to be thus, to be so). 
  A&D translated the phrase "yn iuhuj cencan" as 'in the very same 
manner' as if it were "iuhqui".
I looked through various examples (no more than caxtolli) and found 
that when they use the phrase 'in the same manner', it corresponds to 
"iuh" or "iuhqui".

   ...and that's why I think thus,


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