Kier Salmon k_salmon at ipinc.net
Sat May 24 01:49:54 UTC 2008

I'm finding "long" and "short" confusing, I think because I  
instinctively pronounce nahuatl in spanish.  And I have no sound model  
to use.

I'm looking at a few examples and sure I'm going to sound like a fool  
the first time I try to speak them.

axcan (now/today) has the little line over both vowels.
"Aysh-cane"   ? or ahsh-cahn

Nican (here)
"Nih-cane" or Ni-cahn ?

ompa (over there) mark on the o
om-pah or oom-pah ?

iyalhua (yesterday)
Eye-yale-hua  or ee-yal-hua  ?

Those examples show up my confusion quite nicely.

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