request for info regarding indigenous instrument makers in Mexican colonial period

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Thu Jan 1 00:06:06 UTC 2009

Hello everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

I have a request for your help.
I am currently working on my dissertation entitled:  /The Influence of 
the Danza Azteca Tradition of Central Mexico on Chicano-Mexcoehuani 
Identity and Sacred Space/
I am currently working on the section on how the indigenous people of 
Mexico circa 1521- 1700 began to manufacture European musical 
instruments, specifically the guitar and mandolins types.
I remember reading about how the royal authorities banned the indigenous 
people from making musical instruments
because the Spanish and Criollo instrument makers were having a hard 
time competing with the native manufacturers. I am exploring
the evolution of today's "/conchas"; /string instruments made out of 
armadillo shells that are used in La Danza Azteca/Conchera.
I thought I had saved that article, but now I cannot find it.

Does any one know of a source I can look for?


Mario E. Aguilar

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