Zampa piltlahcuiloltzin tlen CH

John Sullivan idiez at
Fri Oct 1 01:08:04 UTC 2010

Piyali listeros,
	After consulting Lopez Austin book and not finding a word for "vocal folds" we have invented "-tozcaamayo", and will include it in the definitions.
Thanks for the suggestions regarding the affricates. Here's a new version of CH.

CH. piltlahcuiloltzin. Quimanextia tentlatzacuilcayotl tlen caquizti quemman motzacua tocopac, tonenepilpatlauhca quitzacua ihyotl campa quinamiqui iican tocamatapalpamiuh huan tonenepil eli quentzin comoltic; noque tonenepil itehtenno nocca quinamiqui tocamatapalpamiuh, tonenepilpitzauhca tlamacauhtehua yolic, huan zozomoca ihyotl nelpiltlatoctzin quemman pehua quiza.

CH. letter. It represents the consonant that is heard when the velum closes, the middle of the tongue touches the back of the alveolar ridge stopping the airflow and the tongue becomes slightly concave; with the sides of the tongue still touching the alveolar ridge, the blade of the tongue releases slowly and the air makes a hissing sound for an instant as it begins to be expelled.
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