How do Nahuatl idioms compare to English idioms? How about Chinese idioms? Examples?

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Fri Oct 8 02:57:35 UTC 2010

On Oct 7, 2010, at 2:53 PM, Campbell, R. Joe wrote:

> Alec,
>    I agree with Fran's suggestions on where to look for idioms.  And
> since "difrasismos" are an interesting group of idioms, it is worth
> adding a super-source for them:
>   Mercedes Montes de Oca Vega
>   Los difrasismos en el Nahuatl del siglo XVI
>   Doctoral thesis, UNAM, 2000

The essay about difrasismos on the Mexicolore site that I mentioned  
is by Dr. Montes de Oca Vega.

www, is a nifty site.  The home page has a left-hand  
sidebar listing some options, the bottom-most of which is "Aztec  
pages." Selecting that gets you to an even longer list of categories  
such as Aztec Gods, Aztec Health, Aztec Music, Aztec Calendar…There's  
even an Ask the Experts option, and the contributors are our own very  
distinguished colleagues.

Thanks, Joe, for the exhaustive list of "metaphors" from Molina!


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