How do Nahuatl idioms compare to English idioms? How about Chinese idioms? Examples?

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   My programs are all written in a language called SPITBOL, which is 
an advanced form of a language called SNOBOL4 developed by Bell 
Telephone Labs.
I've been developing them since about 1966 and I always refer to them 
with the metaphor "kitchen-table" programs, even though my computer has 
never been on a kitchen table -- and couldn't have been, since I don't 
have a kitchen table.



Quoting Alec Battles <alec.battles at>:

>> www, is a nifty site.  The home page has a left-hand
>> sidebar listing some options, the bottom-most of which is "Aztec
>> pages." Selecting that gets you to an even longer list of categories
>> such as Aztec Gods, Aztec Health, Aztec Music, Aztec Calendar?There's
>> even an Ask the Experts option, and the contributors are our own very
>> distinguished colleagues.
> I'll be sure to check it out.
>> Thanks, Joe, for the exhaustive list of "metaphors" from Molina!
> That was an excellent list, Joe. May I ask which computer program you
> used to search/print them?
> Alec
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