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Piyali notequixpoyohuan,
	The following is complements of Mary Clayton:

The Nahuatl text is as follows (book 3 p.31):
(original spelling)
"auh ce illamato (quitoa quil ieh in tlacateculotl ipan omixeuh, co^mixiptlati
in jllamato) vmpa motlalito in xochitla, vmpa teycequjaia, auh in izquitl in 
quicequia vel onjiaia icematonaoac, vel inpan onmolonja, onmotecaia 
icematonaoac tlaca, centlalli motecaia yn jiaializ in izquitl." 
(standardized spelling)
"auh ce illamato (quitoa quil yeh in tlacatecolotl ipan omixeuh, commixiptlati 
in ilamato) ompa motlalito in xochitla, ompa teicequiaya, auh in izquitl in 
quicequia huel oniyaya icematonahuac, huel impan ommolonia, ommotecaya 
icematonahuac tlaca, centlalli motecaya in iyayaliz in izquitl." 
(Dibble and Anderson's English)
"and a little old woman (they said it was thought that the demon appeared as, 
took the form of, the little old woman) came to sit there at xochitlan; there 
she toasted maize.  and the hot maize, as she toasted it, spread its fragance 
the world over. indeed it poured, it extended over the people the world 
over. over the whole land extended the odor of the toasting maize." 

*ihcequi ***
  acocilihcequi , n- (n$acocilihcequi).  I toast shrimp. <p11-acocilin-
    ihcequi>. b.11 f.7 p.64|
  ayohhuachihcequi , n[i]- (n[i]$ayohhuachihcequi).  I parch gourd seeds
    or squash seeds. <p11-ayohtli-achtli-ihcequi>. b.11 f.27 p.288|
  ayohhuachtlahcectli (ayohhuachtlahcectli).  toasted gourd seed.
    <ayohtli-achtli-p51-ihcequi-l2>. b.10 f.4 p.68|
  ihceconi (ihceconi).  something which can be toasted. <ihcequi-lo:1-
    ni1>. b.11 f.7 p.64|
  [i]hcectli , tla- (tla$[i]hcectli).  something toasted. <p51-ihcequi-
    l2>. b.10 f.4 p.65|
  ihcectli =tla (tla[i]hcectli).  cosa tostada, assi como garuanzos,
    pepitas, cacao. &c. <p51-ihcequi-l2>. 71m2-20|
  ihcequi , m[o]- (m[o]$ihcequi).  it is roasted; it is parched; it is
    fired. <p54-ihcequi>. b.11 f.12 p.120|
  ihcequi , qu- (qu-ihcequi).  they roast it; they toast it. <p33-
    ihcequi>. b.2 f.7 p.127|
  ihcequi =nitla (nitlaihcequi).  tostar mayz, vel simile. en comal o en
    sarten. <p11-p51-ihcequi>. 71m1-201|
  ihcequi =nitla=onitlaihcec. huel. onitlahcec (ihcequi
    =nitla=onitlaihcec. huel. onitlahcec).  tostar maiz, o garuanzos en
    comalli. <p11-p51-ihcequi>. 71m2-6|
  ihcequi (ihcequi).  it toasts, it roasts. <ihcequi>. b.11 f.14 p.142|
  ihcequiya , qu- (qu$ihcequia).  she toasted it. <p33-ihcequi-ya3>. b.3
    f.2 p.31|
  ihcequiaya , te- (te$ihcequiaya).  . <p52-ihcequi-ben-ya3>. b.3 f.2 p.31|
  ihcequiz , m[o]- (m[o]$ihcequiz).  it will be roasted. <p54-ihcequi-
    z>. b.11 f.19 p.192|
  nacatlahcectli (nacatlahcectli).  roast meat. <nacatl-p51-ihcequi-l2>.
    b.8 f.2 p.37|
  tlahcectli (tlahcectli).  tostada cosa assi  (assi is tostar mayz, vel
    simile. en comal o en sarten). <p51-ihcequi-l2>. 71m1-201|

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