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John Sullivan idiez at me.com
Tue Nov 1 02:50:22 UTC 2011

Ok Mitsuya and demás listeros,
	Half of the temporarily constituted and soon to be dissolved Nahuatl morphology academy here at Notre Dame thinks that perhaps:
1. te-, “non-specific human object” + ihcequi (intransitive), “corn toasts or is toasted” + -ia (applicative) + -ya (imperfect tense suffix) = teihcequiaya, “corn was toasted for people”
2. qui, “3rd person singular specific object” + ihcequi (transitive), “to toast something” + ya, (imperfect tense suffix) = quihcequiya, “she was toasting it”
and the other half is reluctant to make a commitment to a firm decision on the matter.
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