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Thanks a million, Joe. Your file helped me track down some loose ends and
make some more note cards, hopping back and forth between the Florentine
Codex, Hernández, and the Codex Cruz-Badiano.

Any thoughts on the etymology of tetzmitl? I feel like I'm forcing things
seeing te:- + i:tzmi:tl in it, since Molina has several words that start
with teitz-. The i: shouldn't be elided with either te(tl) or te:-.

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   I thought that some of my notes on plant names in the Florentine 
Codex might be of interest to you and some listero por ahi.  The notes 
are still incomplete, actually skeletal in many cases, but they might 
help by constituting a word list with page locations in the FC.  Their 
intention is to eventually give both location in the FC, as well as a 
sentence context.
But this doesn't work where Dibble and Anderson used a plant name as a 
paragraph header (e.g., item 1 below).  On the other hand, where there 
IS a sentence context, as in item 3, we get the Nahuatl context, as 
well as the English translation of the sentence.

   I am sorry for the incompleteness, but I don't know when the "in-" 
will be remedied.  I'm putting most of my current work into words that 
are more rewarding to me at my present state of ignorance of plant 
vocabulary.  That frequently involves words with a good deal of 
derivational layers.

   In the list below,
  b = book
  f = file
  c = chapter
  p = page
     (the file number is only my use in locating items for editing)
Book, chapter, and page refer to the Dibble and Anderson edition.

I'll be happy to clarify anything that is too murky.


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