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Fri Nov 11 17:47:41 UTC 2011

Hold the horses!

My first observation would be that perhaps modern H.N. "huac-" and your 
friends "kwak" could be *reductions* of original ihcuac, not the 
original forms to which an "ih-" was detached. I'm not sure ihcuac can 
be reduced.

A reduction that somewhat resembles this in Miami-Illinois, an 
Algonquian language, involves an initial short vowel, like our /i-/ in 
ihcuac, preceding an preaspirated consonant, somewhat like our /-hkw-/ 
in ihcuac. In such a case, the initial vowel (and preaspiration 
indicated by /h/) drop off, e.g.,
ahpwaakana 'pipe' --> pwaakana.


Quoting John Sullivan <idiez at>:

> Piyali notequixpoyohuan,
> 	There?s a morpheme that has been kicking my butt for a long time
> now, ?hua:c?. In Modern Huastecan Nahuatl it only shows up in:
> huaczan (huac+zan), ?at that moment?
> huacoc (huac+oc), ?we?ll see if....?
> huacca (huac+ya), ?then? as in ?Then she went to the store.?
> 	Anyway, today I received a mail from one of the participants in the
> focus group sessions, a woman from Guerrero. In her mail she used
> ?kwac? for ?when, then? which is obviously related to the Classical
> ?ihqua:c?.
> 	For me, this is one of those ?duhh? moments. And Joe, you might want
> to look at the possibility of removing ?ihcua:c? from the basic
> morpheme list.
> John
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