linguistic hypertrophism

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  I too would like this info!!!
  I know wthat there has been controversy surounding Bierhort's 
translations but still Burkhart has many.


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On 11/18/2011 5:25 AM, Ben Leeming wrote:
> Hola todos listeros!
> I come to you seeking to tap into your collective knowledge of our beloved
> colonial Nahuatl sources (crowd-sourcing?) in an effort to further develop
> my database of words that fall into a category that Bierhorst terms
> "linguistic hypertrophism" (1985:47).  You know the words I am talking
> about, those wonderfully long strings of morphemes such as: *
> tiquetzalzacuanxiuhquecholhuihuicomacan* (“let’s make
> troupial-and-turquiose swan plumes twirl” [from *Cantares Mexicanos*, Bierhorst
> 1985:47]) and *onquetzalchalchiuhtlapitzalicaoacatiaque* (“They went
> chirping like flutes of quetzal-green jade” [Burkhart 1992:96, quoting from
> the *Psalmodia Christiana *of Sahagún]).  I have always loved these words
> and have now decided to investigate them more methodically.  I was hoping
> you might be able to steer me in the direction of additional examples of
> this phenomenon, or towards specific sources that you suspect contain them.
>   Additionally, if you know of any authors who have addressed this
> phenomenon (either for Nahuatl or any other language) I would appreciate
> that information, too.  My initial inquiries suggest that this is a topic
> that has not yet been addressed.
> Thank you in advance for your help!
> Ben

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