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I did not hit reply all in my first response...but here is what I have:
Hi, Kier,
There is a facsimile edition of tracings made in Mexico and published by
Chavero in a collection of pictorial documents during the 400 year
commemoration of the first Colombian voyage, *Antigüedades mexicanas*.
This is what is usually shown with the title "Lamina". There was a color
facsimile of that published privately and a black and white version
published by FCE in the 1980's.There are several other copies and pieces of
copies that exist.

The *Historia de Tlaxcala* (*Relaciones geográficas de Tlaxcala) *contains
a sixteenth-century version and continuation of the original lienzo.
(Brotherston and Gallegos 1990)  Sometimes these also appear with "Lamina"
but not as frequently.

My dissertation “Saints and Warriors: The *Lienzo de Tlaxcala* and the
Conquest of Tenochtitlan.”  (Arizona State 1994) and revision/ book  *Saints
and Warriors: Tlaxcalan Perspectives on the Conquest of Tenochtitlan.*  UP
of the South, 2005 and Travis Barton Krantz's dissertation “The Tlaxcalan
Conquest Pictorials: The Role of Images in Influencing Colonial Policy in
Sixteenth-Century Mexico,” UCLA, 2001, trace the various versions and their

If you let me know where you saw it, I can tell you where it came from.

On 4 April 2012 10:31, John F. Schwaller <schwallr at potsdam.edu> wrote:

> I have an edition of the Lienzo published in Mexico in 1979, but it is an
> exact
> copy of the Alfredo Chavero edition of 1892.  Lamina 45 is
> "Tecicuauhtitlan"
> The narrative begins: "Tomada Iztapalapan...."
> I can send it to you as a .pdf if you'd like.
> On 4/4/2012 11:06 AM, Kier Salmon wrote:
> > Estimados, una pregunta sobre el Lienzo de Tlaxcala.
> >
> > Tengo entendido que ha sido perdido desde tiempos de la invasión
> Nopoleonica, pero que copias todavía se hallan en ciertos lugares.  Hoy día
> halle en el internet la referencia "Lienzo de Tlaxcala, lamina 45."
> >
> > ¿Existe un libro que contiene una compilación completa de el Lienzo?  Y
> si ea así, ¿donde?
> >
> > Favor, si alguno de ustedes tiene una citación para este lienzo, favor
> de compartir.
> > Agradecida de antemano.
> >
> > A question about the Lienzo de Tlaxcala.  I had understood it was lost
> at some point around the Napoleonic invasion of Maximillian's Mexico, but
> that various copies have survived.  I looked five or six years ago for a
> book with pictures of the lienzo, but never found one.
> >
> > Today, surfing the internet I found a reference to "lamina 45" of the
> Lienzo.  But the site did not give any further detail of where it was from.
>  If such a book exists, could somebody please send me the citation!  I
> really need it.
> >
> > Thanking all in advance.
> >
> > Kier Salmon
> > Seattle WA
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