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Wed Jan 2 01:34:08 UTC 2013

Dear John

Offering some thoughts about your proposed Nahuatl word classes:

1. *tlatocaxtiliztli *- where does the x come from? It would seem out of
place in the dialects I know (assuming that the root is tlatocayotia "to
name something"). Perhaps *tlatocayotiliztlahtolli*?
2. *tlachihualiztli *- as far as I know this word already has the meaning
of "an action" wouldn't it be useful to terminologically distinguish
between the verb and what it denotes? Perhaps *tlachihualiztlahtolli?*
3. *pil*- using pil as a prefix in my experience almost always refer to the
meaning "prince/child" whereas the meaning "small/appendage" seems to be
more frequently associated with the use as a suffix i.e. tlahtolpiltzin and
tlahcuilolpiltzin. In some varieties a diminutive could be made with
reduplication *tla:tlahcuiloltzin* and* tla:tlahtoltzin*.

You don't seem to have a category for property words such as "chichiltic"
"hueyi", "yolic", "cualli" since these are neither really nouns nor verbs,
but have qualities of the syntactic behavior of both.

Just some suggestions.


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