Nahuatl Digest, Vol 283, Issue 7

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Sat Jan 5 21:52:42 UTC 2013

I am using the term statives as a shorthand for "stative verbs", a term
sometimes used for a subclass of verbs that describe states or properties.
I don't want to call them stative verbs in Nahuatl because I don't think
they are a subclass of verbs (they don't take verbal morphology such as
tense/aspect/mood), but rather one of three subclasses of predicate forming
words, the two other subclasses being nouns and verbs.The usage is perhaps
confusing because of the existence of a stative aspect which is something
else. In my analysis statives are different from Nouns and verbs in that
they take none of the special morphology of either of those classes
(tense/aspect/mood/transitivity for verbs and
possession/pluralization/locative for nouns).

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