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Piyali notequixpoyohuan,
	I think the word xihuitl is being shortened to xiuhtl (two final consonants are possible is some variants). Then, when this is joined in speech with the following word, itempan (devoiced final n), the final consonanant of xiuhtl, the "tl" forms a new syllable with the "i" of itempan. Now it gets tricky. The devoiced "uh" of xiuhtl weekens the following "tl" turning it into a devoiced "l". This kind of thing happens in my variant, Modern Huastecan, so I recognized it (if indeed this is what is happening). So anyway, you can probably write it "xiuhtl itempan", understanding that the phrase is pronounced as single phonetic unit.

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> Hi Tom and friends
> Maybe they use the word xiuhti (nahuat) or xiuhtli (nahuatl) for "grass";
> then it is easy to conclude that the “ti” (or “tli”) of the ending becomes
> “li” in a composition where one T  not so far from another T: xiuhti
> itempan => xiuhtitempan => xiuhl-litempa’ => xiuhlitempa / xiuhtli itempan
> => xiuhtlitempan => xiuhl-litempa’ => xiuhlitempa .
> Basically, the t of the nahuat-speaking people is linguopalatal and not
> dental as in Spanish. Therefore it is easy to understand a change from t to
> l (in the case of the first t). Of course it also applies to “tl” if you
> pronounce “xiuhtli”.
> Ximoyecpia (take care)
> Tomas Amaya
> 2013/3/15 grigsby tom <tom_grigsby at>
>> Estimados listeros,
>> One of the largest of the now disused lime kilns in San
>> Andres de la Cal is pronounced by the villagers as xiuh li tempa which they
>> translate as “en la orilla de las yerbas.” I’ve tried pronouncing the site,
>> xiuhuitl i tempa but nobody’s buying that form. Is the former possible?
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
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