name for a lime kiln

Michael McCafferty mmccaffe at
Sun Mar 17 21:30:18 UTC 2013

Let me rephrase (re-ihcuiloa) what I said, as I was typing too fast:

As I mentioned to Tom off-list last week, he may have an "L" dialect, 
and needs to find that out.

Since the basic morpheme for 'grass' is /xiw-/, it does not seem 
impossible for a dialect to reanalyze this term as /xiwtli/ (or /xiwli/ 
in an "L" dialect), as there are commonly used terms that end in 
/-xiwtli/ such as icxiuhtli and huexiuhtli that would serve as a basis 
and stimulation for such a reanalysis.

(It would be very odd for xihuitl to be reanalyzed as *xiuhtl because 
of those two consonants /?/ (glottal stop) and /tl/ coming up against 
each other. A reanalysis would much more likely result in *xiuhtli.)

If reanalysis has occurred, then what Tom could be essentially 'xiuhtli 
itempa(n)', 'on the grass's lip', which mirrors the Spanish translation 
he was given.


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