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Ahmo ximotequipacho Joeltziné

I would write the text this way:

“(yn yehuantin yn) aic omaltíqueh, quin nochih ihcuac momaltíah,

In Spanish: en cuanto a los que nunca se han bañado, es entonces cuando se
bañan y lavan la cabeza (con amolli).

In English: as for the ones who never have bathed, it was at this moment
when they  bath and wash their head themselves (by applying amolli

I think it is the real meaning of the text. We understand it so (at home we
use to talk in nahuat (Cuetzalan)).

Another example, (also a joke):

Yn yehuat yn Joeltzin motequipachohua, patioh in gazolina, ahuel quicui in
itepoz. Axcan ihtacahuic yn itepoz. Ahoc molinia.

Quin yehuat yn temachtihqui Joel moquetza, mocuahuahuana, ihcuac in
moilhuía: aocmo  nitepozcuiz. Ninehnemiz, nochipa ninehnemiz. Huan pehua
nehnemi, yn iitzcuin yn mococohuaya, pahtoc-ya paccayauh ihuan.

Mr. Joel is worry because the gasoline is very expensive. He cannot use his
car. Now his car is broken. It does not work any more. At this moment the
teacher Joel stands up, scratches his head, then says to himself: I won’t
use a car any more. I will walk. And he begins to walk; his dog, who was
sick, already healthy go with him very happy.


Tomas Amaya

2013/3/21 Campbell, R. Joe <campbel at>

> Nocnihuan,
>   I have another problem.  No, it's not that I'm getting bad gas mileage in
> my car -- and my dogs aren't sick.  It's a word or maybe a phrase of
> Nahuatl
> in the Florentine Codex.
>   Book 2, page 59 (twenty-second chapter) of the Dibble and Anderson
> edition:
> ... yn aic omaltique, qujnmuchiquacmaltia, mamoujia:
> D&A's English translation: they washed the heads of all; they soaped
> themselves.
> My problem is that for the "-maltia" portion to be logical, the 'm' needs
> to
> represent a reflexive object prefix "m(o)-".  When you look at the
> corresponding section of the facsimile of the Florentine, there is a very
> small blank space before "-maltia", but that is not crucial to the problem.
> It simply seems that from the morphological point of view, "maltia" must
> be a
> separate word.
> That leaves: qujnmuchiquac = quinmochicuac.  Molina gives "quin icuac"
> ('quin ihcuac') as 'entonces'.  If 'moch' can be interpolated in this
> phrase, the problem is solved.
> quin moch ihcuac maltia  = then everyone bathes
> What do y'all think?
> I would appreciate some help.
> Joe
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