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	We know that in Classical Nahuatl, if a verb is conjugated in the first person plural, you don’t have to mention the speaker. In other words, “Carlos and I went to the market”, would be “Carlos tiyahqueh tianquizco.” And if you have a group of people who are perfoming an action, you only have to name one of them as a representative of the group. I have always looked for examples of this in Modern Huastecan Nahuatl, without success. Today Sabina gave an example of it in a dictionary entry. It is an example sentence for the word, “cuacercah”, “wood or bamboo fence”. 
“Notonanan motzauctoqueh zan ica cuacercah, inihhuantin axquiamatih ica alampreh yon telah.” Toamox20140904 (CUACERCAH), “My grandmother (and those living with her) have fenced (their property) with a wooden/bamboo fence, they don’t like it with wire or cloth.”
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