Campbell, R. Joe campbel at indiana.edu
Sat Sep 6 18:01:56 UTC 2014

Dear fray Alonso,

   Please forgive me for bothering you about a matter that may seem trivial.
I recently became confused about the location of a word in your 1555 
I thought that it was on folio 82, but I saw that the following folio 
was 87 --
and then I saw that the preceding folio was 85.

   To make a long story short, it turns out that folio 85 is 
mis-numbered as 82 and folio 88 is mis-numbered as 84.  Further, folios 
9 and 12 have no number at all.  Also, folio 166 is numbered as 66.

Thank you for your attention to this problem.  If I find anything 
further, I'll contact you about it.


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