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Ahem… I’m wary about the following suggestion, but I’ve known or heard about several cases of descendants of French soldiers from the Maximiliano expedition, with some lexical borrowings as a consequence, and chencre looks so much like French chancre (although chunkier is admittedly still less convincing). A chancre on a leg can affect someone’s ability to walk, so suppose one asks some limping French speaker « Hey, what’s the matter with you ? – J'ai un chancre », and then the word is borrowed by synecdoche.

But OK, don’t laugh at me too nastily, I won’t put my life at stake for that.




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> Notlazohtequixpoyohuan, There is a loanword in Modern Huastecan Nahuatl, chunkier, which means “a person who walks with a limp.” Does anyone know where this word comes from? John _______________________________________________ Nahuatl mailing list Nahuatl at
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