-ti verber

Campbell, R. Joe campbel at indiana.edu
Wed Sep 24 13:13:06 UTC 2014

Hey John and Listeros,

   Due to my bad bookkeeping, I can't find the statement about one of the "-ti"
verbers, the 'have' one, not the 'be, become' one.  Nevertheless, even in this
vacuum, I wanted to present a reminder that the intransitive "-ti" occurs not
infrequently without the transitivizing causative suffix "-a".

   If the list contains errors, I would appreciate having it pointed out.


apiztli         apizti          to be hungry

caquiztli       caquizti        to make a clear sound

cuazahuatl      cuazahuati      to have head mange

elli            elti            to come to

huelitl         hueliti         to be able

huictli         huicti          to wield a hoe

petlatl icpalli petlati icpalti to rule

tequitl         tequiti         to work

(ih)iztlacatl   (ih)iztlacati   to lie

ixzahuatl       ixzahuati       to have face scabies

nahuatl         nahuati         to have a clear sound

nanahuatl       nanahuati       to have pustules

nantli          nanti           to have a mother

ohxitl          ohxiti          to have resin

otztli          otzti           to be pregnant

pahtli          pahti           to be cured

quequelli       quequelti       to be dignified

quiyotl         quiyoti         it forms a stalk

tencolli        tencolti        it has a curved bill

tenhuitztli     tenhuitzti      it has a pointed bill

tzintli         tzinti          it begins

xiotl           xioti           he has skin sores

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