GebaerdenSchrift in Germany

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Dec 3 22:57:44 UTC 2002

Dear Valerie and listmembers,

just would like to give a short feedback.
I have  been very busy in the past few weeks - so this is the reason that
you have not heard from me.

There have been several presentations and workshops about GebaerdenSchrift
as we call SignWriting here in Germany. I was asked to publish an article
about GebaerdenSchrift. Mh - lot of work -

Fortunately more and more people show their interest in learning  more about
this wonderful ingenious invention on how to describe movements.

One of my last workshops  - two weekends from Friday evening till Sunday
evening -  has been a tremendous success since 14 of the 17 participants are
working in the field of education of DEAF students .

There are now several little groups in Germany at different schools that
startet to work with SignWriter 4.4.

Since I was asked many times to provide materials for the beginners - I
decided to offer more and more materials for free  on my website

One of the most valuable tools for the beginner is my sw.dictionary which
contains right now about 9000 entries . This is a good start to begin with

As you may know - in German SL there is a lot of mouthmovement - part of it
is mouthgesture but a big deal is just kind of speaking without voice -
In order to be able to read the SW - transcriptions at high speed or in
order to allow my little friends to translate the documents accurately I
defined a set of facial (mouth) expressions and offered this list as a pfd -

Well there are some other materials that could help a lot at school - I will
comment later on these.

Attached you find a photo of our last workshop " Learning to use SignWriter
4.4 "  You see me in front of the class explaining the sign for "biro" .
It is almost like magic that the DEAF  and hearing participants were able to
learn all the different aspects (including dictionary manager and
column-maker) within 3 days .. and it is soooo much fun to start typing with
the support of the dictionary and to be able to create the own documents
within a few hours ;-))

All the best

Stefan ;-))

PS:   I got a new email address:  stefanwoehrmann at   ;-))

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