signwriting resolution/Malta

Maria Azzopardi maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Thu Dec 5 00:55:17 UTC 2002

hello everyone,

first of all sorry for the loss of contact from all of us here in Malta,
however we are running with time in order to finish and conclude the first
part of the Maltese Sign Language Dictionary...
and we suddenly need help, because the printers we are working with said that
the resoultion (dots per inch) for the signwriting is inacceptable (!!!).  We
have been exporting signs from MSDos to bmps. Is there anyway in which we can
increase the resolution of the signwriting?

At the moment signwriting has a resoultion of 72 dots per inch, and the
printers have said it has to be around 300 dots per inch.
would appreciate any help... wishes to all from a very wet Malta,

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