AW: SignWriting dictionary in Germany - 9000 entries

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Dec 4 17:09:56 UTC 2002

Hi Valerie and listmembers,

the dictionary is calles retiam and you will find it here:

When I started to learn more about SignWriting it has been a tremendous
support to have a look at the dictionaries of other countries - thank you to
the Editors of these dictionaries once again -- ( Valerie and the DAC group
in the early days of SignWriter,Ingvild, James, Steve and Dianne )

Of course a Dictionary - especially the first edition of a "Learner" is
never perfect. I have not the energy not the time right now to proof every
entry in the next few months. I was worried about too many mistakes and
misspellings - but finally my "students"  and Penny ( hi to Switzerland and
your team) explained to me, that in the end the beginner will benefit from
it - no matter what. I am looking forward to any feedback !;-))

Stefan ;-))

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Betreff: SignWriting dictionary in Germany - 9000 entries

SignWriting List
December 3, 2002

SW Listers -
Did you know there is a large SignWriting dictionary in Germany? 9000
entries! And you can download it too...Stefan has placed it on his web site
to download:

Go to:

Stefan...what is the exact link to download?...the exact page..or the exact
file? I couldn't find it...I know I downloaded it before....if people who
don't know German can just click on a link, that would be great -

So sorry!  Val ;-)


>Stefan wrote:
>One of the most valuable tools for the beginner is my sw.dictionary which
contains right now about 9000 entries . This is a good start to begin with

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