Translating problem in German Sign Language

Ilka Schäfke ilka at SCHAEFKE.NET
Wed Dec 4 22:02:41 UTC 2002

Hello everyone,

can you give me a hint how to write down in SW a specific sign? Don't have a
picture and it's German Sign Language, so i have to describe it. It is the
sign for"roof" and Stefan, we sign it differently than you did in your
dictionary. We put both flat, outstretched  palms-facing-floor together so
they touch only with the sides (length of both thumbs, sometimes the thumb
is even below the palms and the sides of the hands touch), and tilt them
downwards at an angle of 45 degrees, indicating the roof. This is how the
sign start. The movement is as follows: the hands move down and away from
each other, following the 45 degree angle (more roof, if you understand what
i mean. I'm glad we've got signwriting now, its nearly impossible to
describe even a simple sign as this!! :)).

We used the Group 5, Flat handshape, parallel to floor and the touch
contact, then two arrows. (signwriter still doesn't run on my computer, so
we do everything by hand, sorry i have to describe it!)
Problem is now, how to indicate the 45 degree angle? This way, the palms are
parallel to the floor.
Any ideas?

Greetings from Hamburg,


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