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December 10, 2002

>Stefan wrote: ....but following the other "drag and drop" method I lost the sign in the SignBankEditor - Good to know that the "copy" and "paste" method is almost as fast but without risk....Just want to share this  Stefan ;-))

Hello Stefan and Everyone -
Thanks so much for this information. I am not surprised about the "drag and drop" not working on all operating systems - That feature does vary from computer to computer...meanwhile it is working on my computers - both my old Windows 98se computer and my Mac OS the question is why it doesn't work on your computer? smile...You can see why developing software can drive us all nuts! So many computers with different software...

Anyway, forgetting all that...yes...the idea behind SignBank Editor is that you can have that window open all the time while you are working in other documents such as MicroSoft Word or other programs....and you can cut, copy and paste (or drag and drop) signs from SignBank directly into those other programs...something you cannot do with SignWriter 4.4 (wish we could!).

I have added this instruction now to the Help files. Here is one page:
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