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December 11, 2002

>Tony wrote: Is there some sort of standard way to order the sign spelling or is everybodies different?.  Does it not become a grey area if you priotise by the importance of a symbol in the sign???

Tony and Everyone - It may seem like a "grey area" right now, but I predict that by the new release of SignBank 2004, that the SignSpellings will be more automated too...

Remember that I don't know Norwegian Sign Language, or Irish Sign Language, or German Sign Language, and even if I did, do I have the right to force my choice of spelling on those languages? Perhaps....but I think giving people the power to choose their own spellings is important too...

We will be spending all of 2003 adding signs, and trying spellings...This will give me the information needed to program it automatically in a future SignBank...

But I already have a good feel for what spellings are working, so it is just a matter of time...Perhaps I should teach you all how to read a dictionary sorted by Sign-Symbol-Sequence? - that will help!....
Val ;-)


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