Mohamed's Questions, and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Dec 23 18:04:26 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
December 23, 2002

Hello My Dear Friends on the SignWriting List!

And my friend Mohamed - It is so wonderful to hear from you again! 
Thank you for your messages and questions. I opened your Arabic PDF 
document and the Arabic writing is beautiful! I cannot read Arabic, but 
I know that others will find this information very useful. Thank you!

And I want to wish you and your students good luck with the new school 
administrator. I know the feeling. You work so hard to give Deaf 
children a way to read and write their Sign Language, and you have the 
support of the administrators in the beginning. Then a new person 
becomes the administrator, and they know nothing about SignWriting, and 
you have to start from the beginning again, explaining the reason why 
SignWriting is so important. You must feel very tired. But do not 
worry. Keep positive. And if you want, I will be happy to write 
personally to your administrator in 2003...would you like that?

Right now, there is a Christmas holiday here. Today I have many family 
and friends here for the holiday. I am sooo lucky! So I will try to 
answer your questions tomorrow, Mohamed...I will not forget you!

I know the New Year 2003 will be a wonderful year for SignWriting. It 
will grow stronger, and it will be used by more Deaf people around the 
world. You all are making that possible with your pioneering work.

Many blessings to everyone on the SignWriting List!

Val ;-)


On Monday, December 23, 2002, at 05:30 AM, mohamed mahmod wrote:

> Dear Val and the list
> Asalamalykum
> I am happy to write to you again.
> 1 : After a hard fight to confess him
> Mr Abdulwahabassadon from def department replaced by Dr Yosef alturky 
> who disided that signwriting is not his priority. I don`t know what to 
> do
> 2 : I translated the story (the goldy and three bears level 2) to 
> arabic language and ArSL
> 3 : I send to you 2 PDF files in Arabic Language to post it on the site
> •   What is SingWriting
> •   Our experiment report
> If you didn`t received I can send it to you againa
> •   Thanks
> mohamed
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