Mouthings and mouth gestures

Arnfinn Muruvik Vonen a.m.vonen at ISP.UIO.NO
Wed Jul 24 14:48:47 UTC 2002

Dear list members,

My name is Arnfinn M. Vonen. I have just joined your list, on Ingvild
Roald's suggestion (I think she anonymously referred to me in a message to
the list yesterday). I am a professor at the University of Oslo, working on
sign language and deaf bilingualism, among other things.

I can see that you are having an interesting discussion on how mouth
positions and mouth movements can/should be represented in SignWriting, and
I thought that some of you might be interested in a recent book on the
mouth as a sign language articulator. Here is the reference:

Penny Boyes Braem & Rachel Sutton-Spence (eds.) (2001): _The hands are the
head of the mouth. The mouth as articulator in sign languages._ Hamburg,
Germany: Signum.

It contains articles by Vogt-Svendsen, RainĂ², Bergman & Wallin,
Sutton-Spence &  Day, Woll, Boyes Braem, Ebbinghaus & Hessmann, Hohenberger
& Happ, Keller, Ajello & Mazzoni & Nicolai, Zeshan, and Schermer. The
linguistic relationship between "mouthings" (historically related to spoken
language words) and "mouth gestures" (other mouth positions/movements) is
one of the important issues that are discussed in the various
contributions. The data are mostly taken from European sign languages.

Kind regards,


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