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Tue Jul 30 09:07:32 UTC 2002

Hi all,
I quite like the idea of a "Writing of Signed Languages" convention.
That way everybody who's interested can get a chance to see the whole
variety of systems that exist and can also get some information of
what each system has been designed for and by whom. I don't think
this would be trains and airplanes together... I think it would be a
wonderful opportunity to see all the efforts that have been made in
different directions, i.e. everyday use, scientific use, etc. but the
are still all concerned with the same thing: how do I get movements
in space and time on paper? How can this be achieved? What are the
merits and shortcomings of respective systems? (Which is, BTW, pretty
much what I tried to find out in my MA thesis but just concentrating
on SignWritin, HamNoSys, Stokoe-Notation, InterSys and SOSO. And of
course, this was just one person's effort - and one  person's who
doesn't even know all these systems very well..)
So I say: go for it!
Best, Susanne
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